RR Spring Resort


Before celebrating Halloween we spend our time in another spring resort in Bukidnon. It was a dazzling sunny day going there. It took 3 hours before we reach the resort that 3 hours was from Cagayan de Oro to Maramag Bukidnon, but that 3 hours wasn’t bored at all, travelling there makes you see beautiful landmarks of nature. When we arrived there first we rode a tricycle then a jeep then a single motorcycle. Although we commuted 3 vehicles it’s not that far. I really suggest you should bring your own vehicle if none you can commute as well like we did. The entrance fee is not that expensive it only cost 45php; the cottages were 150php to 300php at that rate you can enjoy the entire resort including the spring water in pool, clean and green surroundings, basketball court, mini playground, and animal statues. Note that they have lots of swimming pool including the private one exclusive for those who want a not so crowded pool but in private pool you must wear the prescribe suit such as two piece or one piece for girls and swimming trunks for boys. You can really use the private pools for parties, reunions and some special gatherings without disturbance.

RR spring resort is indeed a good place for family and friends’ outing since it has no corkage, you can bring food as many as you want well except for hard drinks. The resort has lot of function hall to choose for any kinds of occasion can be done anytime at any date. They also offer simple yet elegant houses for those who love to stay overnight. RR resort was named after the owner, it is really a great place to unwind and relax.


Edit please


My friend asked me to edit his niece's picture for his forum signature. I as a good friend asked him, what he could offer in return for his favor, and fortunately he gave me a little compensation which made me happy. So I did the work just in time. It was just a simple edit and he was asking me to look at it in idle time anyway.

Honestly I want to pursue my graphic designing skills but as for the time being I enrolled myself in a 3D class because I need it more to enhance my character molding. Designing is my first love I remember back then when I used to watch video tutorials on YouTube and discovering Photoshop’s technique and style. I did learn it on my own but of course it would be great to have a teacher whom you can ask lots and lots of questions on how to do these curves and more. Presently every weekend when I have spare time I do some layouts to practice my skills. Hopefully next year I will enroll in a short designing course.


Davao Dencio's Hilltop


Another great weekend for me to take pleasure, this time we went to Dencio’s Hilltop. It’s actually a restaurant but somehow it’s located at the top of the hill so people merely called it Dencio’s Hilltop. It is located at Diversion road Brgy. Langub, Ma-a Davao City. The best spot there is the place where you can see the breathtaking view of the town and at night all you see is the glittering lights of Davao City. Indeed Dencio’s is a relaxing place to visit, sight seeing, unwinding and forgetting your diet meal for just one day. Lots of food to taste but I merely preferred their seafood delicacies.

 “Dencio’s Hilltop will be open only until September 30, 2011. We’re sad to see it closed after 10 years. We thank you for making Dencio’s sa Hilltop a part of your lives.” I just read this quote in their site and it made me sad I do hope this isn’t true and if it’s true I’m hoping they going to change their mind. Too bad, Dencio’s hilltop is one of the best restaurants I’ve visited. Somehow I’m happy that I’m able to experience to eat and enjoy some moment there with my friends and family.


Camp Sabros


I had a long vacation last weekend thanks to our two consecutive legal holidays me and my friends were able to go to Camp Sabros which is located at Kapatagan, Digos City. We chose this place because beach resorts are very common when it comes to long weekend. This time were exploring Mother Nature’s beauty, fresh air, bumpy ride and the breath taking views of Mt. Apo. It took us 3 hours to reach the place, from bus to tricycle, then tricycle to Habal-Habal motor which is the single motorcycle. Camp Sabros are popular to those people who want adventure, they offer Zipline rides in different meters the highest is 820 meters that you would feel the clouds feet in your face. Also they have the cable lift ride good for 4 persons, the tree top rappel of 84 feet and the Tandem ride for 2 persons.The cottage houses are so awesome that the morning view from your cottage makes the start of your day so relaxing.  We really enjoyed our stay in Camp Sabros at affordable rate it's really worth it.


Happy Kadayawan Festival Davao


It took me so long to post this new article which features our very own Festival in my hometown the Kadayawan in Davao City Philippines. Once a year we celebrate this event every second week of August, tourist come along with us to witness the Floral Float Parade, the Street Dancing and the colorful Night Event with lots of food, drinks and party. My friends and I attend the Floral Float parade, despite of Mr. Sun’s heat and all the people in the crowd we managed to compete through pushing the people around, jumping to see the floats and climbing over the stage just to see the parade. It was a very tired day but we really enjoyed it. I hope you too can experience this kind of event. Until next time see you here in Davao!


The innocent face of happiness


It’s been almost a month when I update my blog and I thought it would take more than a month before I could able to post new article. Last June 28, 2011 Davao City, Philippines had been hit by a flash flood for the first time. The place was totally devastated, many families lost their homes, and some were found dead. I couldn’t believe this could happen; it’s a trauma to us. Thank God we didn’t lose hope, many people, friends, co- workers helped us the reason why we able to recover little by little.

Just mid July we held an outreach program to help those people who were affected by flood. The happiness that we shared to them especially to the kids was priceless. It was self-fulfilling that we able to share our blessings and realized that somehow we are still blessed and lucky despite of what happened.


Davao Gap Farm Resort


The last time I went here is way back when I was still in prep school. It was our Field trip during that day. Nowadays, I only pass in Gap Farm every time we detour to diversion road.

There were a lot of scenic views in Gap Farm, inside there are animal statues that you can ride, and they’ve called it Parades of Philippine Animals. Also they have the statues of the different kinds of native tribes in the Philippines but among them the most popular are the statues of their mystic spirit creatures including the cave of one-eyed giant cyclops. Gap Farm is located at Ma-a Davao City along in the diversion road. It has a swimming pool too that makes you unwind for its forest aura.
Until now Gap Farm serves as an educational tour for most of the schools not just here in Davao but in other places too who comes here in the Land of Promise. Aside from field trip, there are photography hobbyist chooses this place to conduct their photo shoot.

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