Davao Gap Farm Resort

The last time I went here is way back when I was still in prep school. It was our Field trip during that day. Nowadays, I only pass in Gap Farm every time we detour to diversion road.

There were a lot of scenic views in Gap Farm, inside there are animal statues that you can ride, and they’ve called it Parades of Philippine Animals. Also they have the statues of the different kinds of native tribes in the Philippines but among them the most popular are the statues of their mystic spirit creatures including the cave of one-eyed giant cyclops. Gap Farm is located at Ma-a Davao City along in the diversion road. It has a swimming pool too that makes you unwind for its forest aura.
Until now Gap Farm serves as an educational tour for most of the schools not just here in Davao but in other places too who comes here in the Land of Promise. Aside from field trip, there are photography hobbyist chooses this place to conduct their photo shoot.


I've been here too! I remember my childhood days back then..

gap farm is the place where we help our field trips in school

does the carabao still pee?

Hi thanks for the visit..Gud morning visit to you..can v exchange links

wow, been here too.. they need to improve there resort, because some statues there are old .. i suggest that they should have spots activity in the area, this should be an eco-tourism site

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