Davao Dencio's Hilltop

Another great weekend for me to take pleasure, this time we went to Dencio’s Hilltop. It’s actually a restaurant but somehow it’s located at the top of the hill so people merely called it Dencio’s Hilltop. It is located at Diversion road Brgy. Langub, Ma-a Davao City. The best spot there is the place where you can see the breathtaking view of the town and at night all you see is the glittering lights of Davao City. Indeed Dencio’s is a relaxing place to visit, sight seeing, unwinding and forgetting your diet meal for just one day. Lots of food to taste but I merely preferred their seafood delicacies.

 “Dencio’s Hilltop will be open only until September 30, 2011. We’re sad to see it closed after 10 years. We thank you for making Dencio’s sa Hilltop a part of your lives.” I just read this quote in their site and it made me sad I do hope this isn’t true and if it’s true I’m hoping they going to change their mind. Too bad, Dencio’s hilltop is one of the best restaurants I’ve visited. Somehow I’m happy that I’m able to experience to eat and enjoy some moment there with my friends and family.


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